a 20-something year old stuck in a cubicle ranting about her irks.
lives in the shadows of new york city and hopes that global warming will one day make the weather to be more like los angeles.
likes to leave out letters when using profanity because she feels like it and almost always writes in lowercase because she can.

friends want her to shut up because they are overloaded by all of the awesome things she has to say, but strangers believe she doesn’t speak a word of english. most often she looks like a harmless little girl, but little do people know that she is quite dangerous.

besides biting and staring at people like a wild animal, she likes to draw, knit, read, and play video games. most of her time however is spent training at the gym to maintain her mastery of devouring pints of ice cream within a blink of an eye.

contrary to all the hate she exudes through her rants, she is a passive person and loves baby animals. when feeling generous, she opens up her “suggestion box” or turns on her care meter, but both have been out of service since 1988.

2 thoughts on “about

  1. jason lee says:

    nice one haterant keep it up cause or else you ll end up being a haterant haha just playing


  2. jason lee says:

    what is a haterant? I found your site using google so if your a haterant than i guess I’m a haterant what about a better word hata or hater or c ya later hatagata


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