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death by internet stoning

i can’t help but to return from hibernation to pen a haterant regarding the fallacy that threats on the internet shouldn’t be taken seriously.

it’s not common for me to read the news and feel irked with the stupidity of people. for instance a 4 year old child killing his father with a gun. i mean, guns are totally safe to be lying around freely in the house especially when an unsupervised child is in the vicinity. totally safe guys. you might as well have uncapped some prescription bottles and scattered the pills on the floor next to that gun.

as i’m skimming through the news articles this morning, i read an essay by brianna wu regarding rape/death threats she’s received because she’s a woman within the tech industry. she’s not the first (zoe quinn, anita sarkeesian) and most likely she’s not the last. rape/death threats over the internet not only relate to women but to anyone with an opinion deviating from someone else’s norms.

the frequent attempts to bring awareness to the bullying of women in a male-dominated industry constitutes a major issue that is being quietly swept under the rug. brianna wu’s situation is one of many instances that suggest if a woman stands up for herself in a male-dominated industry, she will be labeled as an attention whoring feminist with delusions of “male privilege” and the only appropriate course of action is to silence her with fear.

to add insult to injury, some people even went on to suggest that rape and death threats shouldn’t be taken seriously because they’re made over the internet. well i mean, if someone you’ve never met made a video about various methods on how they’re going to kill you while your personal information is being posted all over the internet, it’s completely unreasonable to feel scared. i mean, come on, it’s on the internet so it can’t happen in real life. she’s overreacting. because that’s apparently what women do all the time, we overreact and exaggerate things.

it’s sickening how viral this dangerous misogynistic attitude is becoming. it’s as if there is a fundamental truth that is being violated and there exists a responsibility to prevent such violation by asserting that women can’t be both beautiful and smart. that any contradiction of that truth would mean that she exchanged sexual favors for her success.

why can’t we all just get along? if more time was spent on developing better technology rather than putting a woman down for feeling passionate about her career, maybe i would be able to teleport to work by now.

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