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anger management

i think you misunderstood when your therapist advised you to write things down, they didn’t mean for you to post it on facebook.

once in a while, i’ll see a very angry facebook status on the lines of:

“btch i hope you fcking die!”
“karma’s a btch you slut!”
“fck you, two-faced motherfckers!”
“if i ever see you again, i’ll fck you up!”

damn, chill the fck out. why are you so angry?
were you not loved as a child?

at least if you’re going to post it all over facebook, why don’t you just disclose the name?
“he/she knows who they are”
well i don’t and i want to know 😦

“i’ll fck them up for you”
i understand your friends will have your back, but publicly posting a potential assault isn’t the right way to go. you’re announcing your strong bond with this angry person, i get it. but we’re not children anymore. assaulting people = jail time. if something were to tragically happen to this person, guess who’s first on the suspect list? you might as well post all your criminal offenses on facebook and get caught like some stupid people. you’re halfway there.

what baffles me the most about this prepubescent behavior is that if this person keeps pissing you off, why won’t you just simply remove that person from your life? if you get a splinter in your finger, wouldn’t you be quick to remove it to stop the pain? is that just too easy of a solution?
oh. no drama makes life dull and boring? oh okay, i think i get it now.

if it’s a different person that keeps pissing you off all the time, then maybe you should take a good look in the mirror? maybe the problem is your attitude? maybe airing your dirty laundry on facebook isn’t going to solve your problems either? they’re just suggestions, please don’t fight me.

when you air your dirty laundry on facebook, it’s not classy, you don’t look tough or important, and your problems won’t disappear, heck, it might make it worse. “calling out” unnamed people on facebook out of all places is just attention seeking behavior. it just shows that you can’t handle your own and maybe it’s time you grow the fck up and just deal with it like an adult. everyone has people who pisses them off at an equivalent level of anger, but you don’t see us posting angry verbal assaults for all our friends to see, do we?

so next time you’re about to press that “post” button, take a deep breath and take a chill pill.
your therapist is only one call away.

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