the wonderful world of dating – part one

the dating world is a scary place not because of the process, but because of the people.

1. “i like to have conversations with myself”

you go out, meet new people, exchange numbers, friend-zone the poor dude, and repeat. nothing scary about that until you come across one of those men who just don’t get it. and by “it” i mean the ones who like to have conversations with themselves after you tell them “hey dude, i’m not interested, please leave me alone.” i’m not even being nice at this point.

these creepy crawlers are everywhere. if you don’t give them your number, they’ll find you on facebook, if you’re not on facebook, they’ll find you on instagram. sometimes you don’t even have to ever meet them in person, cause they’ll just find you.

the worst part of the whole ordeal is that you’re deceived into the conversation thinking it’s a harmless “hi,” lowering your guard to the disaster that is to come. it’s as if the weather report indicated clear skies and sunshine, but instead stepping outside your apartment to a dark and stormy hurricane and then tripping and falling into a trench of mud after getting slapped in the face by a tree branch.

what the fck?

you can’t even block them because you’re not friends with them in the first place. and even when you can block them, it’s just a nuisance having to go out of your way because this one guy just doesn’t get the message even after spelling it out.

when someone isn’t interested, just let it go. that “persistence leads to success” need not apply here. please apply it to your career.

if i don’t answer you after 4 questions in a row, please take the hint that i’m ignoring you on purpose. that does not mean “please send me a 6 page text message about your life story” or “please continue your creepy ass conversation.” if you were the last man on earth, i will fck all the animals before i even consider talking to you again, yet you still don’t get it and continue to message me.

these are real consecutive messages from the same person and i have never replied once.

“How bout we do that thing you were too busy to do on Valentine’s Day? Spring is in the air and you know, time for rebirth and new things in life.”


“fast forward a few months and say that after we met and liked each other and things fell into place.. would we get a puppy or a kitten?”

creepy. ignore.

“I need more interaction from you”

oh really? because i need less from you. ignore.

“I wanna know what you like and find out what we have in common and where I should take you on vacations and stuff like that”

this is how people get murdered. ignore.

“I dreamt of a Korean girl last night. She was very purrty and seemed kinda sweet, she said she was in love with me. Reminded me of you, was it you?”

definitely not me. ignore.

“why do you have to make my life so difficult. you know you’re curious as to who I am and you really wanna meet me but are afraid of something… what are u afraid of?”

i’m really not. i am afraid of you. ignore.

“Hey Nadia, do you know where one can get the most tasty bibimbop in the city?”

after all of your creepy messages, even this message sounds creepy. ignore.

dating sucks.

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6 thoughts on “the wonderful world of dating – part one

  1. umadyet says:

    I think that’s one of the bad things about social media / texting and dating. It’s way to say things that you would never say in person. I hope you find someone “normal”, however I’m sure there’s a bunch of weirdos you will have to weed through. Maybe this blog will make that easier for you? Take each creep as research for your blog on your journey to find Mr. right. (Or at least Mr Ok.)

    I think we also need to be more honest with rejection. There are some (most) people that just can’t take a hint. “Please take this personally, it’s not me it’s you, thanks for dinner however if I ever hear from you again I will file for a restraining order!” We want to be nice, however why worry? You hope never to see them again anyways…

    I look forward to your journey. Maybe fill us in on some lines that work, some of us need the help. lol

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    • miss nadia says:

      i think the most important advice is to never use lines. just be honest. but the type of guy that i mentioned in this post is to the incessant messengers (not even someone you went on a date with). these are guys who i’ve never met and constantly badger me with questions regardless of whether or not i’ve replied!


  2. Grumpy Cat was reincarnated into the form of a Korean girl! LOL ❤

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  3. Hugh Chang says:

    Puhahahahahaha this blog is awesome
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like it when folks get together and share views.

    Great blog, stick with it!


  5. Kirk says:

    Hi there i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anyplace, when i read
    this paragraph i thought i could also make comment
    due to this brilliant paragraph.


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